Innovation Panels

Friday 21 October

“Creativity is just connecting things.” Steve Jobs
On the second day of the conference, we move onto innovation panels. The innovation panels will take fascinating ideas and expand on them, challenging orthodox views.


What is the true value of “public value”? (Carnegie Mellon University)

Some of Australia’s leading public policy and management thinkers discuss Mark Moore’s “Public Value”, and its contentious application in public management reform around the world.

Social and Economic Innovation in the Ageing Space (Flinders University)

This panel brings together social and economic innovation experts to look at the application of innovation to the emerging challenges for Australian society in the context of an ageing population.

Reassessing the role of “expertise” in collaboration (Macquarie University/ BDO)

One of Australia’s leading thinkers on “expertise,” Professor Mark Wiggins, will illustrate the unique qualities and function of the expert, and why “expertise” is more essential than ever in a world of generalists.

Adelaide’s Smart City (CPA)

Imagine carparks that guide you to empty spaces and football fields that save water by speaking to sprinkling systems. Meet an entrepreneur, a business academic and a local government consultant who will show you Adelaide’s future.